For those who have chilled hands and feet, dry skin, and for those wanting to improve their feeling of depression.

Kazahana is one of the Kigo words.

Kigo is a set of vocabulary that expresses the essence of the four seasons in Japanese traditional culture and poetry. Kazahana conveys how snow falls in the clear winter sky. I blended this Black tea - KAZAHANA with the image of the time when it gets cold outside but it is warm inside at home.

Mood: Winter *You can enjoy drinking this all-year-long (not just in winter!).


Ingredients:    Black tea/Dimbula (Sri Lanka), Rose bud (China), Chinese Date/jujube (China), Black pepper (India)


In Eastern medicine, it is said rose bud is good for energy flow and also blood flow. Then it stabilizes the menstrual cycle. Chinese date/jujube is known for supplementing the functions of the stomach & spleen. Black tea and black pepper have the property of warming the heat in the body.

Black Tea - KAZAHANA

  • Contents: 9g (3g x 3 packs)


    We use Black Tea(Dimbula Ceylon) tea from Tea House TAKANO which is my favorite tea shop in Tokyo-Jinbocho.

    We use ingredients from companies which are fully committed to safety management regarding pesticides and radioactivity.


    Preservation method: Please store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight, hight temperatures and hight humidity. For best taste, please consume within three weeks after opening.