For those who feel a little tired at the change of the season, have an uncomfortable throat, or want to feel refreshed.

Kimpu is one of the Kigo words.

Kigo is a set of vocabulary that expresses the essence of the four seasons in Japanese traditional culture and poetry. Kimpu conveys the wind that blows in autumn. In the Chinese Five-Way theory, gold is expressed as autumn. Written in the style of Chinese characters, Gold in 金 and Wind in 風. It reads KIM-PU=Gold Wind. This Genmai Cha - KIMPUis blended with the image of the fresh autumn wind.

Mood: Autumn *You can enjoy drinking this all-year-long (not just in autumn!).


Ingredients: Genmai Cha (Japan), Kumquat (Japan), Rensensou/Glechoma Hederacea (Japan)


Genmai Cha combines green tea and roasted brown rice. In Eastern medicine, it has a property of warming the heat in the body. Kumquat is often found in throat candy in Japan, and it is good for colds and cough. Rensensou is a plant belonging to the genus Perilla and also called Glechoma Hederacea. Its scent is similar to Perilla. The combination of Genmai Cha and Rensensou refreshes you.

Genmai Cha - KIMPU

  • Contents: 9g (3g x 3 packs)


    We use Genmaicha from TAFU Koushun-En which is a well-established store that has been in business for 160 years.

    We use ingredients from companies which are fully committed to safety management regarding pesticides and radioactivity.


    Preservation method: Please store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight, hight temperatures and hight humidity. For best taste, please consume within three weeks after opening.