For those who have overeaten. It is also recommended as a tea after a meal.

Kimamori is one of the Kigo words.

Kigo is a set of vocabulary that expresses the essence of the four seasons in Japanese traditional culture and poetry. Kimamori conveys the fruits, such as persimmons and citrons that are left on the trees after harvesting as a prayer that the fruit will grow well the next year and, of course, to help the birds overwinter. The ingredients used in this Roasted Green Tea - KIMAMORI are all fruits, so I blended them while imagining such a scene.

Mood: Autumn   * You can enjoy drinking this all-year-long (not just in autumn!).


Ingredients: Roasted Green tea (Japan), Japanese hawthorn (China),Chinese date/jujube (China), Orange peel (Japan)


In Eastern medicine, roasted green tea has the property of warming the heat in the body. Although tasting a little sour, Japanese hawthorn is good for promoting digestion. It is especially recommended after greasy or meat dishes. Chinese date/jujube is known for supplementing the function of the stomach & spleen. Orange peel is also good for supplementing the function of digestion and detoxifying.

Roasted Green Tea - KIMAMORI

  • Contents: 9g (3g x 3 packs)


    We use roasted Green Tea from TAFU Koushun-En which is a well-established store that has been in business for 160 years.

    We use ingredients from companies which are fully committed to safety management regarding pesticides and radioactivity.


    Preservation method: Please store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight, hight temperatures and hight humidity. For best taste, please consume within three weeks after opening.