This tea is a decaf black bean-based tea that you can enjoy drinking any time of the day from morning till night. It is especially good for those who have edema.

Hinemosu means all day long. Without caring about caffeine, you can enjoy drinking this tea all day long.

*It is decaf black bean tea but it has roasted-pearl barley. **Pearl barley is considered unsuitable for pregnant women.**


Ingredients: Black Bean tea (Japan), Roasted-Pearl barley (China),  Sunpens/Mamecha (Japan&China), Kuromoji/Lindera (Japan)

In Eastern medicine, black is the color of the kidney, and black ingredients are considered to enhance renal function. Black beans are regarded to have a good effect on female hormones, and roasted-pearl barley is regarded to increase water metabolization and to reduce extra heat in the body. Sunpens are also said to be good for improving water metabolization, constipation and indigestion. Kuromoji are fragrant branches and have been used as luxury toothpicks,fragrance and soap in Japan since ancient times. The aroma can be expected to have a relaxing effect.

Black Bean Tea - HINEMOSU

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  • Contents: 9g (3g x 3 packs)

    We use Black Bean Tea from TAFU Koushun-En which is a well-established store that has been in business for 160 years.

    We use ingredients from companies which are fully committed to safety management regarding pesticides and radioactivity.


    Preservation method: Please store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight, hight temperatures and hight humidity. For best taste, please consume within three weeks after opening.